Kay’s Easy Pat-in-the-Pan Pie Crust

The first summer (2010) that I had a garden out here on the ol’ homestead, I had an immense surplus of summer squash (read: zucchini).  Every week I would bring at least 5-10 to church to give away to the happy town dwellers.

One family in particular was ecstatic about my zucchini “problem.”  They moved here from Indiana, where they had a huge garden.. and hadn’t gardened since.  (Our soil is less than prime.)  A favorite summer item was zucchini, and with it Kay made Zucchini Pie.  Zucchini pie reminds me of pumpkin pie – slightly sweet, custardy – but instead of being orange, this pie is cream with green flecks.  I like to call it “Shrek Pie”.

Kay was kind enough to share with me that recipe; I will share it with you another day.

When she gave me her Zucchini Pie recipe, it also came with a wonderfully easy pie crust recipe.  This recipe requires no “cutting” in of butter – no dirty countertop – and no rolling pin.  The ingredients are simply dumped into a pie plate and patted into place.

I use it whenever I make Italian Meat Pie, or quiche… or anytime I’m too lazy to roll out a pie crust. 🙂  And even though it’s made with oil, not butter, I swear you’d never tell the difference.


Kay’s Easy Pat-in-the-Pan Pie Crust

Dump into a pie plate:  1 1/2 C. flour, 1/8 tsp. salt, 2 tsp. sugar, and 1/2 C. vegetable oil mixed with 2 T. water.


Mix together with a fork until all is moistened.


Pat into place with your hands.  Flute the edges if you’re feeling fancy. (Obviously, I wasn’t.)


At this point you can fill with whatever sweet or savory filling your little heart desires!  You can even bake it empty to fill with a cream pie filling!  So wonderfully versatile!  So flaky.. so, so good!


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