Hidden Gem Smoothie

So, tonight, when I made my simple English Muffin Pizzas, and I wanted to incorporate fruits and veggies into the meal without going to a lot of fuss (read: slicing and dicing and dishes), I made what I like to call Hidden Gem Smoothies. These are great for breakfast, snacks, or like tonight… supper!

Hidden Gem Smoothies

Step one: Get your fruit ready.  Tonight I used a handful of seedless red grapes, half of a banana (the peel IS off… this picture is just weird),  1/2 C. of frozen raspberries, and 1/3 C. of frozen blueberries.  It’s important that they are frozen, otherwise you will need to add ice to the blender before you mix up the smoothie… and ice tends to water things down and you get a wonky consistency. But if ice and fresh fruit is all you have… USE IT!


Now for the “Hidden Gem” part of the smoothie.  I said I wanted to get some GREEN into Millie’s life today, remember?  Get ready for it….


Spinach and cucumbers, that’s right.  So healthy, so pretty, and blended up with the fruit you would never guess they’re in it!  I used about 3/4 C. of spinach and 3, quarter inch slices of cucumber.

Throw all of your fruits and veggies into a blender with 1/2 C. of vanilla yogurt, 1/2 C. milk and 1/3 C. orange juice.


Blend until smooth.  I put my greens on the bottom, so my smoothie started out green…


… and turned out to be a pretty purple!


Top with a few blueberries….


… and drink up!  Little Princess LOVED it!  I felt great about her eating it!  Double win!




All gone!



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