A family trip to Oregon: Part One

My older brother and his wife recently welcomed their first child into the world, a handsome baby boy named Clyde Anders.  (Clyde was our late grandfather’s name on our mother’s side; Anders is to honor a dear friend of theirs, who passed away last summer in a car accident.)

The seven of us (Travis, me, our two children, my parents and little sister), all piled in our Denali and made the 22 hour drive west to Eugene.


The Wyoming sky was beautiful our first morning on our adventure!


Henry’s favorite part of the drive was the fact that I let him have his very own mini cinnamon roll for breakfast.  One happy kiddo!



Another favorite part of the drive (for the kids) was “Roadie the Ranch Dog”, a children’s book by a local Newcastle, WY author that we picked up at the Black Hills Stock Show a couple days earlier.


Driving into the Tetons.


That there, is a whole lot of snow. And some very, very tall trees.


We may or may not have gotten stuck trying to leave here.  It may or may not have involved a very large tractor. Ha!  (In my husband’s defense, the snowmobile trail DID look like an exit.)


Sophie was glad to be back in the land of snow. She even donned a “Minnesota” sweatshirt for the occasion. 

WEB IMG_2214

We drove through Jackson, WY and enjoyed seeing the tops of the Teton Mountains.  

WEB IMG_2266

Travis and I honeymooned in the Tetons just over five years ago, and it was so fun to stop for a family picture.. five years and two kids later!


We also wanted our picture taken together under the famous arch in Jackson Hole.  Isn’t the arch awesome? (Yeah, I know you can’t see it.  The photographer – I won’t name any names – forgot to get the arch in the arch picture. But aren’t the kids cute?)


But, my dear husband took this picture and got the arch in it. 🙂



The last pass we went through before arriving in Eugene.


So pretty!


That’s a full sized combine down there for you ranching folks.  For those of you who aren’t.. well.. just know that the grand scale of these mountains was impressive.  We were doubly impressed to come around the bed and see this random field in the bottoms!

We arrived in Eugene on Friday the 6th of February, where we had rented a 3 bedroom house for the next six nights.  Let me tell ya – if you are traveling with a crowd and staying for an extended period of time – a house is the way to go!  In this instance, the house was half the cost of what we would have spent on hotel rooms, plus we could cook all of our own meals at the house which was both easier, cheaper, and more healthy! Win, win, win!  Another added bonus was that our two hooligans had room to run and play.

Friday night, my brother (B) and his wife (K) came over for pizza for supper!  And I know what you’ve all been hoping I would post… we got to meet this handsome little dude.

WEB bwIMG_2415

Is he perfect, or what?!


Well, that’s all for the drive out!  Basically it was a whole lot of driving, watching “Black Beauty” (Or, Black Blooty as Millie calls it) on repeat, and lots of pretty scenery.  Occasionally we would respond to Millie’s requests to “watch a movie” with, “Not right now Millie.  Look outside at the mountains! They are so pretty!  Let’s just enjoy watching the beautiful scenery of the mountains.”  Indignant, she would respond, “I. Do. Not. LIKE. The. Mountains! I just want to watch Black Blooty.”  Poor dear. 🙂


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