Getting back on track… a busy 2014, an exciting 2015

Well, my first year of blogging (2014) started out fabulously.  I wrote a bunch of recipes, and shared lots of day-to-day activities with y’all.  And then April happened, when our baby boy was born!  How wonderful that was (and is)!  I did manage to do one or two more posts about rain and our branding day.. and then summer hit, and the blog was all but forgotten.  This is my attempt to reconvene my blogging life with a brief synopsis of our 2014.  🙂

Sometimes people ask me if I get bored living way out here, half an hour from town.

I’ll let you decide.

January – We continued working on several projects on the ranch, including our new shop/garage at our house.  Kendra started a blog, A Taste of the West, about our ranch happenings and all of the cooking she does.  You can check it out at

February – We enjoyed our annual trip to the Black Hills Stock Show, and Travis traveled to Oregon for a men’s retreat with friends.  We also traveled to Montana where Kendra was privileged to photograph a friend’s winter wedding.  Travis and his dad went to Reno for a National Wildland Firefighters convention. After dropping them off at the Denver airport, Kendra visited family in Colorado Springs until their return.

March – Calving, calving, calving!  ‘Nuf said.

April – April came in with the birth of our baby boy, Harrison John Tucker (or “Henry” for short)!  Millie adores him, and calls him the “big-a-boy-man.”  They are quite a pair!  Travis also spent a lot of time in the tractor tilling up hay ground and planting oats.

May – We branded the first week of May, and we poured a concrete sidewalk in front of our house.  Millie turned two! She keeps us laughing, keeps us guessing, and without a doubt keeps us busy! She lights up our every day.

June – We were blessed to have four of the Robinson kids come to stay with us for two weeks all the way from South Carolina!  It as a blast having a bunch of “big kids” stay with us, and they can come back anytime (Hint, hint).  Kendra’s brother and sister-in-love Kate also visited from Oregon.  Friends from Missouri dropped by as well.  In between all of these wonderful visits, Kendra and the kids made another trip to Montana to photograph another wedding.

Summer came in with a BANG and we had four great workers helping us with fencing, pipeline, and other ranch projects. 

July – We always have a fun Independence Day celebration in Hot Springs at Travis’s grandparents’ place.  This month we were also cutting, raking, and baling hay.  Our cousin, Matthew, came from Colorado Springs and was good help as usual.  We were blessed with a fantastic hay crop this year, for which we are truly grateful.

The biggest event of July was moving a house onto a portion of the Rock House Ranch for Kendra’s family.  Kendra’s parents and sister moved from northern Minnesota onto the Rock House Ranch and we were all excited to help them establish new roots.  It is wonderful to have them nearby!  Millie and Henry agree wholeheartedly.

August – Kendra got to travel to Murdo and Winner, SD to visit some good friends.  Kendra’s younger brother visited from Minnesota, and her grandparents came all the way from Illinois. 

September – Our ranchers turned into roofers as we repaired nearly every roof on the place due to a massive hailstorm in July that produced 2 ½” hailstones.

October – We always gather cattle off of our summer pastures the first and second weeks of October.  This year our good friend and past employee, Sam, came to visit and help.  He brought Charlie along, and he was good help, too.  Hey, Sam, about time for another visit, don’t ya think?

Our nephew, Titus Ethan Lilly was born this month also!  In the words of Millie, “He’s a real cute one, a nice baby.” 

Our friends from Canada (Canada’s Double Portion) and Missouri (Link Union) were up performing for a local event called the Preacher in the Patch, and we had them out for a visit on their day off.  Friends from Minnesota came for a stay and we attempted to go elk hunting with them.  It’s amazing how a herd of 200+ elk can hide out, isn’t it Brad?!

November – An arctic blast from the North jolted us into winter after a wonderful long autumn.  Our temperature dropped about 90 degrees in a 24 hour period…Cutting firewood quickly became a priority.  We were blessed with good cattle prices and sold our steer calves, and are currently making plans for the heifers.

Kendra’s mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in November and that has been a journey for us all.  We have been blessed to be surrounded by prayer, and see those prayers answered.  We are glad she is close, and are thankful for good doctors and the advice and wisdom of others to help her on the road to health.

December – We are still in the midst of December as we are making this letter, but so far December hasn’t been any slower than the previous 11 months!  Kendra has been very busy with photography the past few months and has really enjoyed the friendships she has made through her little side business.  We have also had friends from Winner, SD and St. Johns, AZ visit the past couple of weeks.  We are looking forward to Christmas celebrations with friends and family, and excited for what the Lord will do in 2015.


Love and best wishes from our family to yours,

                Travis, Kendra, Millicent, Harrison, and Kaiser the Wonderdog


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