Branding Day 2014!

I am posting this a few days later than I had anticipated.. but after a full day of branding on Friday for which I cooked for approximately 40 people, and a full day following that of doing the dishes for all of that cooking; I am just now getting to it!

The general run-down of Branding Day is that a bunch of friends and neighbors come out (many/most with their horses), and we ride out at 8:00am to go gather the cattle in a nearby pasture.  Once in the pens, the guys sort the babies from their mamas (cows, that is)… and then it’s time for everybody’s favorite part:  Coffee break.

Grandma Ellen started the tradition of making caramel rolls for the whole branding crew.  Alana carried that tradition on.  When I joined the family, I took over the job with joy. 🙂

I use Grandma Ellen’s original sweet roll recipe, but I use my own Cream Cheese Icing recipe and my own Caramel recipe for the caramel rolls.  I might share later.  Maybe. 😉

Following a good half hour or so break of devouring sugary breakfast goodness, the real work begins.  Cowboys/Cowgirls ride into a pen of calves, rope them one by one and drag them out to the wrestlers who hold down the calves while they are branded, vaccinated, and checked over.  Then they are released back with their mamas.

Repeat this process approximately 300 times and you’re done!  Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?!

After all of the calves are done, or 2:00, whichever comes first, Lunch is Served!!  This year we did a Mexican Feast and it was well received by all!

Please enjoy this gallery of images from our branding day!

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