Our garage! The fourth wall goes up!

Approximately two years ago we bought the materials (trusses, etc…. not counting 90% of the lumber for the actual building) to build a garage for our house.  Travis is such an amazingly talented guy and he likes to do everything himself.  Sometimes I find myself asking him if we can just be “normal” and hire our projects done and buy all of our lumber from Menards… but in reality, I love that we are self sufficient and that he would rather take the time to saw down trees and make the lumber on our sawmill.  His dedication, determination, and diligence amazes me.

Travis leveled the building site this summer and did a lot of dirt work to make the area perfect (he is very precise!).  Then, all of our family and hired help and some friends and neighbors pitched in to pour the (heated) concrete floors this summer.  Travis has put up three walls largely by himself (definitely with some help getting them stood up).  A couple of days ago, Uncle Clayton (who lives up the road about 3 miles and owns Cee Heart Quarter Horses) came by and helped put together and stand up the LAST WALL!

It was a positively beautiful day outside… the temperature was in the mid forties, it was partly sunny, and the smell of rain lingered in the air.  Millie and I took some time out of our busy day canning Homemade Chicken Stock to play outside in the muddy yard with Kaiser and watch the guys build the LAST WALL.  Enjoy our photos of the day.

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