Sorting the cattle on a beautiful winter day

Yesterday over breakfast I asked Mr. Handsome what was on his agenda for the day.  “We’re moving cows,” he said.

“Really? Where to?” I inquired.

“Oh, just through a gate.  You can come with if you want.”

Thinking it the perfect quick photo opportunity, I hustled to get Little Princess and I all bundled in our outdoor gear in time for Mr. Handsome to pick us up in the feed truck.

I couldn’t find a stocking cap for myself, or gloves, but that wasn’t any bother.  If you remember, last time we just bounced around in the heated feed truck while the rest of the crew zipped along on four wheelers.

Driving over to "put cows through a gate".
Driving over to “put cows through a gate”.

“Is everybody moving cows today?” I asked.

“Everybody but Mom.”

“On four wheelers?”


That, my friends, probably should have been my first clue that we weren’t just quickly moving the cows “through a gate” as my husband had earlier said.  That and the fact that he changed out of his regular cowboy boots and into heavy snow boots.  I don’t know how much walking in the snow I’ll have to do, he had said.

Why don’t these things turn on a light bulb in my head before I find out what we’re really doing?!  I’ll never know.


The “quick-just-moving-the-cows-through-a-gate” turned into approximately 3 hours of first sorting the entire herd in the corrals we call “The Painter Buildings.”


The smaller/thinner cattle that were needing fed more went one direction, and the fatter cows that didn’t need “extra lovin'” went the other.


It was an absolutely beautiful day outside, so I really didn’t mind that we were outside for 3 hours instead of 30 minutes.


I just might have wore snow boots, had I known.  And a hat. And gloves.  And maybe used the restroom an extra time, just for good measure. 🙂

Millie had a blast.  She loved watching her Daddy in the corrals.




Her beautiful Auntie Alana and Grandpa came riding up on Jackson and Stormy, and instantly Millie was excited.


“MOOO! Mama!  Ride MOOO!”  (Yes, my child calls cows AND horses “Moos”.  She does know the difference, honest.)

It didn’t take very long before Alana, being the sweet Auntie that she is, lifted Millie into the saddle in front of her.  For most of the remainder of the time sorting, Millie was in seventh heaven astride Jackson, the beautiful black stallion.  (Obviously a very gentle black stallion.)


SortingCows_0013Being nearly 7 months pregnant, I didn’t think it wise to jump in and help and risk any sort of misfortunes with the cattle, so I stood on the other side of the fence for the most part and snapped photograph after photograph.  It’s what I do.SortingCows_0015





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