Smoke Alarms, Cornbread, and Company

Today was a yoga-pants-tank-top-messy-bun sort of day in the Paulton household.  I woke up to this beautiful snowstorm blowing outside…

January Snowstorm
January Snowstorm

…and knew I wouldn’t even be going to the mailbox today.  (Hey, I have to drive a mile in the winter… the mail can wait until Mr. Handsome brings it home with him!)

I decided to call up to “Headquarters” – the main hub of the ranch, where our shop, corrals, barn, and Travis’s parents’ house is, to invite everybody down for lunch.  I wasn’t going to do anything fancy – just leftover Italian Meat Pie from yesterday’s lunch, a quick Caesar salad, and Sour Cream Cornbread.

My visions for the rest of the day including a happily playing-quietly-by-herself 20 month old, while I did up all of the laundry, paid bills, and posted five new marvelous blog posts for you wonderful folks.

. . . I’m not really sure what happened between breakfast and lunch, but my day took a turn for the crazy!

At one point, I was juggling a crying toddler, answering an important phone call, and battling the smoke alarm going off because the cornbread in the oven had overflowed due to our house not being exactly, um, level.  Oh yes, and I was also attempting to clean the bathroom while all of this was going on.

By 12:30, my clean kitchen suddenly looked like I had fed an entire high school cafeteria of ravenous students a gourmet noontime meal, instead of merely serving leftovers and cornbread to six people.

Miraculously, I somehow managed to have the bathroom cleaned and lunch on the table by the time our family got to the house for lunch.

Leftovers were a success, and the Little Princess had fun entertaining her Grandma and Aunt Alana.  My dishes still aren’t done, but I’ll save that for later.

For now I think I’ll sit down with  good movie (anybody seen “On Our Own”? So cute.) and write a couple blog posts.  My pregnant, tired body needs the break.

Never a dull moment on this Black Hills Ranch, even when I’m stuck inside during a snowstorm!


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