Unintended Hibernation

I was realizing today that I haven’t been out in “society” for a while.  Our nearest town is a half hour drive away, which is where we attend church.  Normally Sundays are our one day a week to socialize with the outside world, but due to a series of events (read: sickness, holidays, company, travelling) we have not been able to be at church since December 15.

I haven’t been to the grocery store since December 20.

I haven’t been off the ranch since December 27, and that was just riding along in the semi with Mr. Handsome to get a load of hay.

My life isn’t always like this; I find myself in town multiple times a week on occasion.

“How do you do it,” you ask?  “Don’t you go crazy?”  “What about groceries?!” Like I said, this is not normal for us.  But it has been nice not pumping gas into our vehicle every few days!  And the time at home with my sweet family has been nothing but a blessing.  I love slowing down. Besides… You ought to see how CLEAN my house is!!!  Amazing what happens when I’m at home.


We have had a lot of company and holiday happenings around the ranch, so it’s not like we’ve been totally isolated.  It’s actually been really nice to stay home and have people come to us!

(This past Sunday, when it was too cold and snowy to go anywhere and the ranch chores multiplied, I invited all of our family here on the ranch over for brunch and games.  It was a lovely time, and a wonderful meal of homemade biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, fruit salad, and scones.  I remembered to take pictures after all the food was gone and all that was left was dirty plates and empty bowls.  Sorry about that.)

And as far as the groceries go?

A pile of groceries without a trip to the store.  Say WHAT?!
A pile of groceries without a trip to the store. Say WHAT?!

Who needs a grocery store when I get groceries delivered to my doorstep?!  Just kidding, I am nearly out of fresh produce which is beginning to make meal planning a bit of a challenge.  But all of the groceries you see here are the result of my mother in law, who organizes our local organic food co-op.

Once a month she (or some dear soul) treks about an hour to meet a semi with a truckload of wonderful, healthy, organic food that we have ordered.  (We order from Azure Standard.)

I have also had milk delivered to me over these past few weeks. (Little Princess drinks a LOT of milk; we go through 3-4 gallons a week between the 3 of us.)  On New Year’s Eve our friends came over and brought us four dozen farm fresh eggs.  We have really nice friends.

… Hi, Melissa! 🙂 …

My hibernation period is *I think* going to end tomorrow.  I’m grateful, because we’re out of avocados and tomatoes and fruit and juice (December 20, remember?), and I have a craving for some fresh herbs.

Until next time,



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